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Common FAQs

At the end of your lease you must return all the items that were handed to you upon delivery of the vehicle. These usually include:

  • Car keys
  • Car manual
  • Service log
  • Any other form of car documentation.

All branding on leased vehicles must be removed upon return of the vehicle to ASG Leasing.

As the end of your lease is approaching, it would be useful to state your intentions on whether you want to renew, amend or end your lease two months earlier than the ending date.

Your lease will officially end with:

  • The full settlement of all the contractual payments.
  • The full inspection of the vehicle from ASG Leasing. 

In case of unreported damages and or faults on the vehicle, ASG Leasing may proceed with repair charges.

Once your lease has ended, you may return the vehicle to one of the ASG Leasing network stations.

In the case that you lose your key, ASG Leasing will provide you with a spare key. Charges may apply. 

If you’re vehicle is stolen you need to: 

  • Immediately report it to the police, and 
  • Immediately report it to ASG Leasing via:+35799656067

Yes. A replacement vehicle will be provided to you free of charge while your vehicle is being repaired. The replacement vehicle will be the same type as the leased vehicle, subject to availability. This is guaranteed only in cases where the damages incurred are within the scope of use of the vehicle as described in the contractual terms. 

If the damage is a result of negligence or intention of the driver but this is disputed the matter will be settled by the arbitration of an independent expert who will be nominated jointly by both parties.

In case of an emergency you need to immediately call the ASG hotline on +35799656067. 

You are responsible for paying for a repair if the damage incurred on the vehicle is a result of negligence, caused on purpose or caused from improper use of the vehicle as described in the contractual agreement.

ASG Leasing will pay for the repairs of the vehicle, except in the cases where the damage incurred on the vehicle is a result of negligence or improper use of the vehicle as described in the contractual agreement.

ASG Leasing will book a repair for your vehicle. For more information on booking a repair contact us on  +35725819500

If your windscreen gets damaged, you must report it to ASG Leasing immediately.

If your vehicle signals a technical warning, you need to immediately notify ASG Leasing on +35725819500.  We will instruct you on how to proceed. 

In case of an accident please call the ASG Leasing Breakdown Line at:

  • Breakdown Line (CY):     +35799656067
  • Breakdown Line (LIM):    +35799580435
  • Breakdown Line (LCA):   +35799656067
  • Breakdown Line (PFO):  +35799656068 

  • Keeping it clean and tidy.
  • Report any damage/defaults immediately.
  • Follow the maintenance schedule. 

For a normal vehicle service: within 24 hours and for specialised vehicles: maximum 5 working days.  In both cases, ASG Leasing will provide you with a replacement vehicle.

Yes. reporting your vehicle’s mileage is essential as this will enable us to notify you when your vehicle’s service is due. 

The vehicle must be serviced either upon completion of the suggested mileage or upon completion of 12 months without having undergone a service.

ASG Leasing is responsible for all the vehicle’s administrative requirements. The vehicle’s MOT is taken care of by ASG Leasing.  You will be promptly notified about the due date of your next MOT.

The vehicle(s) maintenance is taken care of by ASG Leasing. When the vehicle(s) is due for a service, ASG will notify you and book the service at an authorised centre at a time convenient for you and your business operations.  The vehicle(s) may be delivered and picked up by the service station either by ASG leasing or by you directly. For more information on maintenance and service please contact us at [email protected] or on +35725819500.

Your replacement puncture kit will be in your vehicle upon delivery.

You are responsible for changing the tyres in case the tyres get damaged due to activity that breaks the contractual terms of use of the vehicle.

The tyres get checked at service and get changed with the completion of the contractual quota (approx. 35,000 KMs).

In the case of a flat tyre you can use the spare tyre changing kit placed in your vehicle to change the tyre. If you cannot change the tyre, please contact the ASG Leasing hotline at:

  • Breakdown Line (CY):     +35799656067
  • Breakdown Line (LIM):    +35799580435
  • Breakdown Line (LCA):   +35799656067
  • Breakdown Line (PFO):  +35799656068

In case of a breakdown you need to immediately call the ASG Leasing hotline at: 

  • Breakdown Line (CY):     +35799656067
  • Breakdown Line (LIM):    +35799580435
  • Breakdown Line (LCA):   +35799656067
  • Breakdown Line (PFO):  +35799656068 

Other people can drive your vehicle as long as they are properly insured on that specific vehicle and comply with the insurance policy criteria; this criteria may vary depending on the vehicle.  Insurance will be issued by ASG Leasing upon drafting the lease contract. 

The term ‘’excess’’ refers to the amount  you are responsible for paying after the insurance has covered the damage on your vehicle. The excess amount differs and varies from vehicle to vehicle and it is clearly defined in the lease contract and insurance contract.

Lease contracts usually include third party insurance plus a cover for the damages for the leased vehicle – subject to an excess. For more information on insurance options please contact us at [email protected] or on +35725819500. 

All fines are payable by the vehicle’s driver.  For fines that are issued and sent to ASG Leasing, we will notify you to proceed with the payment accordingly.  For fines that are issued and delivered directly to the driver, ASG LEasing has no responsibility in the payment process. 

In case you expect difficulties in completing your monthly lease payments you need to notify us immediately in order to amend/restructure your payment schedule please contact us at [email protected] or on +35725819500.

The requested down-payment varies from three to six monthly lease payments. The amount varies, depending on  the type and category of the vehicle and the lease.  The down-payment is taken within five working days of the signing of the contract. 

Lease payments are calculated by mainly taking into consideration the retail price of the vehicle, the lease time period and the depreciation incurred on the vehicle during that period, the annual maintenance and administration costs and the insurance costs. Other factors may be taken into consideration and may affect the lease payment.

Yes. Maintenance costs and administration are operated by ASG Leasing and is a crucial advantage of leasing a vehicle.

We can send you one.  Send us a request at [email protected].

Yes.  Active contractual terms may be amended.  To amend active contractual terms, contact us at  [email protected] or on +35725819500.

Yes. Lease contracts can be extended and renewed. A notification of one month before the end of the lease contract has to be given to ASG Leasing. For more information on extending/renewing your contract, please contact us at [email protected] or on +35725819500.

In case you want to prematurely terminate your lease contract, charges and penalties will apply as per your contractual early termination clauses. For more information on early termination, please contact us at [email protected] or on +35725819500.

You will need to inform ASG Leasing in order to provide you with an offer. 

Yes. For more information on how to freeze your contract or adjust/freeze payments please contact us at [email protected] or on +35725819500. 

In this case you have the following options:

  • Extend the current lease by continuing to use your current vehicle until your new vehicle arrives.
  • End the current lease by returning the existing vehicle and waiting until the new vehicle is delivered to begin a new lease

No. your lease begins upon delivery of the agreed leased vehicle(s) or upon delivery of a temporary replacement vehicle. If none of the above apply to you, your contract is not active and no lease days have been used. 

Your lease will be activated upon delivery of the lease vehicle(s) or upon delivery of the agreed temporary replacement vehicle(s). 

You need to contact us immediately to amend your lease order.  The capacity to amend the order varies from the type of order and mistake.  If the order is active, charges and/or penalties may apply. 

Yes, if the vehicle is available in stock. To book a test drive, please contact us at [email protected]  or on +35725819500.

If the vehicle is available, delivery can be completed within 5 working days.

If the vehicle is available at the ASG fleet, delivery can be made on the same day. 

If the vehicle is not immediately available, delivery may take between 2-4 months.  In this case, a replacement vehicle will be offered for your lease to be activated.  If that is not desirable, your lease will be activated once the vehicle is delivered. 

 To lease a vehicle contact us at [email protected] or on +35725819500. 

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