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Develop your business.
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The #1 Fleet Owner in Cyprus!

Leverage the strengths of the #1 Fleet Owner in Cyprus and create the fleet that your business needs!
With an experience of more than 40 years in the field of mobility, we understand what your business needs to move forward.
Choose any brand-new vehicle from the market or select from the widest range of readily available cars in the island – directly sourced from the five-star fleet of Europcar Cyprus.
Optimise your operation with the most competitive rates in the market and move confidently with the support of the largest service network in Cyprus.
Most importantly, experience the highest level of customer service and support throughout your lease with your very own dedicated account manager.

Our Corporate Fleet Packages Include:

The choice of a fixed term contract.

The choice to return your vehicle whenever you want.

All service and maintenance costs.

All administration and insurance costs.

Third Party insurance.

25,000 KMs per month.

Readily available replacement vehicles for zero down-time.

24/7 road assistance.

The most flexible terms in the market.


  • • Any brand new car from the market, or readily available cars from our fleet.
  • • Fixed contracts from 2 to 5 years.
  • • No down-payments.
  • • 4-8 months refundable deposit.
  • • Dedicated account manager.
  • • The most competitive market rates.
  • • Flexibility to upgrade your fleet.

  • • Readily available cars from our fleet.
  • • Flexible open-end contracts; return your car when you want.
  • • No down-payments.
  • • 2 months refundable deposit.
  • • Dedicated account manager.
  • • The most competitive market rates.
  • • Flexibility to upgrade your fleet.

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Common FAQs

If you choose the FirmLease option, every car in your fleet will be leased for a specific fixed term period of time – usually from two to five years.

You can have different time periods for different vehicles. For example, you may lease your commercial vehicles for five years but your executive vehicles for three.

If you choose FlexiLease, all available cars will be offered on an open term basis. This means that you can drive them as long as you want, without any limitations.

In the case of our FirmLease product, you get to choose any brand new car from the market. Availability always depends on the stock of the dealership. You will also have the option to choose any car from our Europcar fleet. All cars from our fleet are readily available.

In the case of our FlexiLease product, all cars available are sourced directly from the Europcar fleet and are readily available.  

The lease begins with the delivery of the contracted vehicle to you.

If you have leased a vehicle with FirmLease, then you have agreed on a specific lease period. In case of early termination, 40% of the remaining value of the contract will be charged as penalty.

If you have leased a vehicle with FlexiLease, there is no early termination penalty with the conclusion of 18 months of rent.

months’ rent. The deposit is returned upon completion of the lease and with the return of the car in a reasonably sound state.

In order to start a lease with FlexiLease, you will need to pay a refundable deposit of two month’s rent. The deposit becomes refundable with the completion of 18 months of lease and is paid back with the return of the car in a reasonably sound state.

The price includes the following:
  • All Service and Maintenance Costs.
  • All Administration and Insurance Costs.
  • Third Party Insurance.
  • 25,000 KMs per month.
  • Readily Available Replacement Vehicles for Zero Down-Time. 
  • 24/7 Road Assistance.
Your only expense will be the cost of fuel.

Every monthly lease payment is done in the beginning of each month. You can choose from a variety of automated payment processes in order to enjoy a seamless leasing experience.

All vehicle are insured with a third party cover that covers all third party damages plus any damages incurred to the passengers in the car.

The insurance does not cover the driver.

There is an insurance excess that ranges from 450 EURO to 1500 EURO, based on the value and type of vehicle.

All insurance terms are subject to change.

In case of breakdown you should call the 24/7 support line of ASG at +357 99 656067.

The car must be serviced once a year. It is the responsibility of the driver to arrange the service of the vehicle according to the service guidelines provided by ASG.

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