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Mobility solutions
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FirmLease by ASG Leasing

FirmLease is one of the two leasing products of ASG Leasing, targeting businesses and individuals who want to enjoy the advantages of our fixed-term leasing services.

If your mobility needs are specific and precise, FirmLease will provide you with a competitive tailor-made fixed-term leasing plan to service them!

4 things to consider before choosing your Lease!

Have fixed mobility needs and want to enjoy the value of a fixed-term agreement

Prefer or need brand new vehicles

Want premium or executive vehicles for personal or corporate use

Want to build, upgrade or update their corporate fleet

What is included:

  • • 25,000KMs per year
  • • Third Party Insurance
  • • Service and Maintenance Costs
  • • Administration Costs
  • • Replacement Vehicle
  • • 24/7 Road Assistance
Service Details:

  • • Brand new cars
  • • Readily available used cars from Europcar Fleet
  • • Fixed contract period from 2-5 years
  • • Competitive monthly fixed rate
  • • Flexibility on enhancing and upgrading fleet

Trusted Partners

MC Digital Media Group
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Ready to lease and drive away?

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Common FAQs

FirmLease is fixed-term mobility service, meaning that the lease period is usually fixed between two to five years.

For each vehicle included in the leasing agreement there is  “Period Subject To Early Termination”.  If you terminate the contract within that period, penalty of 40% of the remaining contract fees applies.

In order to activate your FirmLease contract, you need to pay the security deposit and the first month in advance. The security deposit varies between 4 to 8 months of rent. The security deposit is refundable with the sound return of the vehicle at the end of the contract.

The price includes right of use of the vehicle, third party insurance, 25,000 KMs per year, all service and maintenance costs, all administration costs, replacement vehicle in case of a break-down or extended service time and 24/7 road assistance.

The insurance excess varies from 900 EURO to 1500 EURO, depending on the vehicle category. Options to reduce insurance excess are available.

You have the choice various payment methods. All monthly payments must be done in advance.

In case of breakdown you should call the 24/7 support line of ASG at 99656067

The car must be serviced once a year. It is the responsibility of the driver to arrange the service of the vehicle according to the service guidelines provided by ASG.

Any driver with a driving license active for three years or more and between the ages of 25 to 70.

FirmLease offers brand new vehicles as well as used cars sourced from our Europcar fleet. Availability of brand new cars is subject to stock supply and order schedule of the dealerships. Used cars from our Europcar fleet are subject to availability but usually available within 10 working days.

The lease period begins with the delivery of the vehicle to the driver. The day of delivery will be considered the first day of lease.

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