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ASG Group
40 years young.

Mobility Experience


40 Years of mobility experience in Cyprus. Our group of companies includes Europcar Cyprus, GoldCar and ASG Cars.


A local brand for local businesses. We are here to support and innovate your business and our lovely island.


Our goal is to make leasing simple and affordable for all local businesses.


We don't hide behind small prints or complicated contracts. Find out more by checking our resources section or simply, reach out to us.


We're here for you. Do you need a custom quote or have special requirements? Reach out to our Leasing team.


Short, medium, long or flexible car leasing terms? We have it all!

Driving Cyprus forward.

The all-inclusive car leasing provider in Cyprus.

We created our leasing packages for local businesses, to help offload all mobility needs, allowing them to focus solely on what they do best. No more worrying about maintenance, servicing, insurance, MOT or any other fleet management task.

Supporting local businesses.

Our entire business is focused on local businesses and how we can help them grow and expand. We have packages and solutions for all sizes and budgets.

Driving mobility innovation in Cyprus.

We believe that upgrading business fleets and supporting the local economy will help Cyprus move to a more sustainable, efficient and greener future. We are focused on contributing and innovating mobility on our lovely island. 

Care for the future of our island

A more sustainable Cyprus

The journey is still long, but it'll be easier if we travel together. As a mobility group we understand the responsibility towards our planet and more specifically our island. We are actively working for a greener and healthier Cyprus; our goal is to have the majority of our fleet green by 2030. This could include your fleet too.

One road block at a time

We can all contribute to making a positive and more sustainable change in Cyprus. Although the electric car infrastructure had not yet reached its full potential, upgrading your fleet can have a huge impact in reducing Co2 emissions on the island.

We are currently monitoring and collaborating with the government to help create the infrastructure needed to add more and more green vehicles to Cyprus.

Driving the Cypriot mobility innovation, together!

Do you have a green initiative that you would like us to discuss?

Still have questions?

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